Tuesday, April 03, 2018

"Happy Easter Collection"- bundles and add ons by Microferk Designs @Oscraps on SALE= FWP!

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"Even for those who observe its religious context, Easter has become a holiday with multiple meanings. In Christian tradition it marks the resurrection of Jesus, but for most others it also signifies the beginning of spring.
In early April, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to pop up from the ground and trees are getting green buds. Green thumbs are planning their gardens and watching for the first signs of the bulbs they planted last fall. The world, in short, is coming alive again after a long and cold winter.
This is all represented in our secular symbols of Easter: eggs, baby chicks, fertile rabbits, and plenty of blooms. Even if Easter is not a religious holiday for you — and perhaps doubly so if it is — there is something inspiring about seeing that first tulip or spending your first afternoon of the year digging in your garden."
~Terri Coles

A veritable BUNDLE of savings! Introducing all kinds of add-on goodies for my "Happy Easter Collection" by Microferk Designs. Grab these smaller packs to extend the "Happy Easter Page Kit"  or "Happy Easter Bundle" by Microferk Designs.

Or "bundle" your goodies and you can save 50% to BEGIN with: purchase the "Happy Easter Add Ons Bundleby Microferk Designs and have them all!

Check out the "Happy Easter Collection" by Microferk Designs for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.

Happy Easter Add Ons Bundle

Happy Easter Stacked Papers

Happy Easter Clustered Frames

Happy Easter Clustered Journal Cards

Happy Easter Adornments
Happy Easter Layout
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