Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ancient Ways Mabon by Microferk Designs

The beginning of an amazing journey through the year, and the Wheel of Life!

As we step back in time and see the Ancient Ways of those who lived long ago. They followed the natural rhythms of the earth, the cycles of seasons and the planting and harvesting of their crops. Belonging to the Ancient Ways Collection, here is "Mabon", also known as the Fall Equinox. This day occurs between September 21 and 23 each year. Mabon marks one of two days each year where the days and nights are of equal length, and thereafter, the days will grow shorter until Yule (between December 21- 23), or Winter Solstice, which marks the shortest day of the entire year. Mabon was the time of the largest of the two yearly harvests, and the gardens and crops were bursting with their bounty. Mabon celebrates three themes: reflection, grace and balance.
In "Ancient Ways Mabon", you will find the rich, autumnal colors found in nature: greens, yellows, oranges, and reds.

In "
Ancient Ways ~ Mabon by Microferk Designs", by Microferk Designs offers a bounty of 20 papers, patterned, blended, and/or textured!
Also included are over 56 elements that include a torn corn topper, 6 unique journal cards, 5 postcards with original photography by Microferk Designs, a pumpkin, 2 apples, a cluster of grapes, an acorn, a painted tile of a woman, 2 round tag with tie-tops, 2 fancy gold frames, a round Celtic knot frame, a triple metal frame, 2 vintage antique paper frames, an orange gold and gemstone frame, a charm-frame on gold chains, a cluster of turning leaves, 4 individual turning leaves, green leaf, 4 fresh flowers (medium-sized) and 5 small silk flowers, thin curly red ribbon, orange satin ribbon with bows, 2 knotted bows with button centers, a hanging jewelry tag, and 6 pieces of word art, plus a blank.
Also included in "Ancient Ways ~ Mabon by Microferk Designs" by Microferk Designs you also get 4 complete sets glass alphas trimmed in gold in 4 colors (gold, orange, red and green),  including all upper and lower case letters, numbers,  and 7 extra characters . They are so versatile, they'll quickly become a "go-to" set for you!  Each element is in its own file - no need to 'cut' apart. All elements are created at 300ppi and saved as png files to preserve transparency. Drop shadows are only applied in instances where layering of pieces within an element necessitate shadowing for realism, unless otherwise noted in product description.

Check out the "Ancient Ways Collection" for more coordinating products in this line by Microferk Designs.


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