Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tattoos, Green Men and Decisions!

I've been debating a new tattoo.
I've actually been planning this one for a few years. I had my first tattoo done about 10 years ago; a triple spiral.

It was a symbolic commitment to my goddess, embracing my inner pagan and a realization of all the th8ings I had known for years but couldn't reconcile with the beliefs I had been taught throughout my childhood.
It actually felt like a homecoming of sorts.
One short year later, i had a breast lump scare. Thankfully, it didn't turn out to be cancerous, but when it was over I again wanted to honor and express gratitude to my goddess. So I designed a tattoo with my mother (the good artist in the family ;-) This is what we created:

And this is the tattoo:

Now the husband doesn't really like tattoos, so I am pretty choosy about what I get, and I've been saving this last one for my Green Man. For me, it symbolizes the embracing of my god, or the male aspect of the deity. While the goddess has felt more familiar to me, and easier to embrace and integrate within my life, I risked only being able to access one half of the divinity out there! My god also has lessons and inspirations, and I have felt ready to acknowledge that for a while.

However, I still need to decide where to place this Green Man. It will be about 3½" high by 2½" wide, and it "feels" like my right shoulder in the back is the right spot. -But then I won't be able to see it and I like to LOOK at my tattoos, you know? My triple spiral is on the top of my right wrist, and my moon is on my left calf right above my ankle. I could have it done between my waist and hip as well. Not sure a bicep would be a good place though.

Then the next choice is the actual graphic itself. If I could find THIS tattoo in a flat two-dimensional drawing that I could take to the artist, I'd get this:

I love the little trailing off leaves at the top, and he looks rather amiable.

And then this one struck me as well:

Decisions, decisions!

For those of you who have tattoos- how do you choose your designs?


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