Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrate your season with "Home for Christmas"-NEW collection AND add ons-on SALE + gift!

***Limited introductory sales pricing***

There's one holiday each year that sees the most people seek refuge with their family: Christmas. And most want to be Home for Christmas-no where that may be, or who may be there- a lot of us like to be with those we love on this holy day. In the "Home for Christmas Collection" I bring you the warmth, the tradition, the glitter and shine- the ambiance of Christmas itself! Based on the very traditional palette of red and green with gold and cream, you'll find this collection a delight in creating your Christmas treasures and memories!

A veritable BUNDLE of savings! Introducing all kinds of add-on goodies for my "Home for Christmas Collection" by Microferk Designs. Grab these smaller packs to extend the "Home for Christmas Page Kitby Microferk Designs.
Or "bundle" your goodies and you can save 50% to BEGIN with: purchase the "Home for Christmas Add Ons Bundleby Microferk Designs and have them all!

Check out the "Home for Christmas Collection" by Microferk Designs for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.
Home for Christmas Add Ons Bundle
First off, looking for a simple and beautiful way to create your layouts? Look no further! In "Home for Christmas Stacked Papers" by Microferk Designs, you  get 4 already assembled, flattened jpg, pre-shadowed stacked papers, with embellishments galore!
Home for Christmas Stacked Papers
Next, in "Home for Christmas Cluster Frames" by Microferk Designs, you get 4 unique, already assembled, unshadowed and pre-shadowed Cluster Frames, with embellishments galore "prettifying" your frames!
Home for Christmas Clustered Frames
And don't forget "Home for Christmas Clustered Journal Cards" by Microferk Designs. You  get 4 unique, already assembled, unshadowed and pre-shadowed Clustered Journal Cards, with embellishments galore "prettifying" your memories! Some shown smaller than actual files!
Home for Christmas Clustered Journal Cards
And lastly, are you looking for unique and artistic treatments for your photographs? Look no further than these sparkly masked accents with plenty of sparkle and embellishment in "Home for Christmas Adornments" by Microferk Designs. You get  4 unique "adornments"- page ornaments made with masks, glitter and little pieces of bling and flowers to prettify your page and make a stylish statement! 
Home for Christmas Textured Plains

And don't forget the "Home for Christmas Collection" by Microferk Designs for more holiday goodness:
Home for Christmas Composite
Layouts using the Home for Christmas Collection:

by Miki:
 Kids- Home For Christmas
by Danesa:
Danesa Home for Christmas 
Please accept this complimentary  FREE GIFT Quick Page made with the "Home for Christmas Collection" by Miki Ferkul:
Home for Christmas Quick Page
Download Link:
(Expires on  11/23/2012)
Please be sure to pick yours up before expiration! If you experience any errors before the expiration date - just drop me a comment, and I will be happy to re-upload fresh links until the expiration passes.


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