Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the shadows, under the stars: EVENTIDE by Studio Miki~ on sale + gift!


"Deepening shadows burnished the last dappled rays of sunlight on the lush garden and pond. As she trailed her fingers lazily through the warm water, the sun took its last dip below the horizon, and already, it's sister in the heavens, the moon, cast its silvery light more luminously. Above the din of crickets and the last calls of the birds on their way back to their havens for the night, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned and met his gaze squarely. It was at once intense and commanding, yet therein lurked a question nonetheless....."

In the "Eventide Collection" by Microferk Designs, you get a collection that can take you to this place again and again. With a palette of teals and rich royal blue, soft sage green and creams through browns, you can just about close your eyes and take yourself back to this place again and again!

In "Eventide Page Kit" by Microferk Designs, you get 12 beautifully blended, patterned and/or textured papers. You also get over 30 elements that include 2 large glittery acrylic swirls, a cascade of bling "rain" (both shadowed and unshadowed), a bracket frame with inlaid glitter accent, an oval frame with inlaid glitter accent, and a square frame with inlaid glitter accent, a clock face, circular cord "frame", curly ribbon (both shadowed and unshadowed), large golden fancy frame, 2 ornate journal spots, a large fern, piece of grass, 2 flowers, golden rope, spray of sequins, 4 lined journal blocks, brackets with inlaid glitter accent, set of 4 glittery acrylic minis, 2 small paper pieces (moon and star), feathered and sequined masque, short row of stitches (both shadowed and unshadowed), string of beads and a vintage paper frame.
In "
Eventide Page Kit" by Microferk Designs you also get an alpha set - a deep midnight blue acrylic set with sprinkles of blue and teal glitter,  that includes lower case letters, numbers, and 7 extra characters! Each element is in its own file - no need to 'cut' apart. All elements and papers are created at 300ppi, with papers saved as high-resolution jpgs or pngs for stunning print clarity, and elements saved as png files to preserve transparency. Drop shadows are only applied in instances where layering of pieces within an element necessitate shadowing for realism.

Check out the "Eventide Collection" for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.

(Also available separately as "Eventide Papers", 
"Eventide Elements", and "Eventide Alphasby Microferk Designs)
Eventide Page Kit
Eventide Papers
Another view of Papers:
Eventide Papers
Eventide Elements
Closeup of Elements:
Eventide Elements

Eventide Elements
Eventide Alphas

 by Miki:

by  Danesa :
by Beckie:
by Sandy:
by Lorraine:

Lorraine Eventide


Please accept this complimentary  FREE GIFT Quick Page made with the "Eventide Page Kit" by Microferk Designs:
Eventide Quick Page
Download Link:
(Expires on  10/25/2012)
Please be sure to pick yours up before expiration! If you experience any errors before the expiration date - just drop me a comment, and I will be happy to re-upload fresh links until the expiration passes.


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thanks for the pretty qp

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Hello and Thank you for this lovely QP...

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