Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NEW! "Flutterby" at Studio Miki- bundles & limited sales pricing +FWP!~

***Limited introductory sales pricing***

Butterflies. Change, transformation, metamorphosis.
In ancient times, butterflies were thought to be inhabited by the souls of humans awaiting their next incarnation. In fact, the word for butterfly and soul is the same: "psyche". In native cultures, butterflies symbolize a call to change, to transform and impart the mystical knowledge, that not all change is painful,and some change is effected slowly, joyfully and magically! Whatever the butterfly has come to mean to you, most of us agree that they are quite enchanting, always beautiful and spiritually uplifting! My hope is that you find the "Flutterby Collection" beautiful and uplifting as well- with it's vivid greens, blues and peachy-oranges!

A veritable BUNDLE of savings!
Introducing all kinds of add-on goodies for my "Flutterby Collection" by Microferk Designs. Grab these smaller packs to extend the "Flutterby Page Kit"  or "Flutterby Bundle" by Microferk Designs.
Or "bundle" your goodies and you can save 50% to BEGIN with: purchase the "Flutterby Add Ons Bundleby Microferk Designs and have them all!

Check out the "Flutterby Collection" by Microferk Designs for more coordinating design products by Studio Miki.

 Flutterby AddOns Bundle
First off, looking for a simple and beautiful way to create your layouts? Look no further! In "Flutterby Stacked Papers" by Microferk Designs, you  get 4 already assembled, flattened jpg, pre-shadowed stacked papers, with embellishments galore!  Just add your photos, more embellishments and journaling if desired, and you're ready to go! Created 12x12 inches at 300ppi for outstanding print quality. Scrap-4-Others Friendly!
Flutterby Stacked Papers

Next, in "Flutterby Cluster Frames" by Microferk Designs, you get 4 unique, already assembled, unshadowed and pre-shadowed Cluster Frames, with embellishments galore "prettifying" your frames! Just add your photos, and put them on your choice of background (or coordinating Flutterby Stacked Papers), and you're ready to go! Designed at 300ppi for stunning print clarity, saved as png files to preserve transparency and each is placed in its own file! Some shown smaller than actual files!
Flutterby Clustered Frames

Flutterby Clustered Journal Cards

Flutterby Textured Plains

And don't forget the "Flutterby Collection" by Microferk Designs for more spring time goodness:
Flutterby Page Kit



Save big when you purchase the "Flutterby Bundle" by Microferk Designs -a regular $26.50 value if purchased separately! Over 50% savings!
Flutterby Bundle
Layouts using the Flutterby Collection:
by Miki:
***FREE WITH PURCHASE OF "Flutterby Bundle" , "Flutterby Page Kit" OR "Flutterby Add Ons Bundle" by Microferk Designs***
Flutterby Quick Page


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