Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Come to the winter "Carnevale" with Lorie Davison, SussieM and Microferk! - on SALE

***Limited introductory sales pricing***


As the sun sets and the festive street lights and candelabras are lit, glitter swirls through the winter wind and light glints off the masks of the revelers in the streets.

SussieM, Miki Ferkul, and Lorie Davison traveled to Carnevale Venice to research this Studio Mix collaboration for SBG. Dancing in palace ballrooms along the Grand Canal in their luxurious gowns and sipping hot chocolate in the many parties spilling out from St. Mark’s Square they recorded their experiences here in their designs. Ha! Not really. They totally made that up. Though the trip is a big whopping fib, they did choose Carnevale as their theme because Carnevale is the biggest brightest celebration held in the deepest darkest depths of winter. It is a glittering glorification of light and merriment when people everywhere need it the most. So, if you can’t go to Carnevale this year you can still dress yourself in glitter, masks, jewels, and ribbons and dance through the streets and palaces of Venice with Carnevale the Studio Mix collaboration. Here are the papers and elements we can supply you for your trip:

16 papers (with 3 variations)
1 Golden Baroque Frame
3 Carnevale Masks
1 Bow (3 colors)
1 Carnevale Red Flower
Fiorenzo - Cat in the Mask
1 Golden Candle Stand
1 Golden Crown
1 Crystal Golden Bottle
Golden Feathers
Golden Swirl String
1 Throne
Golden Pearls
Golden Confetti
1 hanging charm with mini frame (in blue topaz and tanzanite)
1 gold and black mask
1 gold and turquoise sequined demi-mask
1 hammered gold swoosh with gem accents
1 journal block
1 ornate gold frame
1 ribbon and gold stud piece (with and without shadows)
1 festive color swoosh (2 variations and colors)
1 baroque column
1 couch
1 curtain piece (2 variations)
1 frame
1 masque face
1 color overlay
1 red boa

1 gold tone alpha set containing all upper and lower case letters, number 0 -9, 19 punctuation and other marks, plus 24 foreign characters

and some creative inspiration for you:

Ct Layouts
Ct Layouts
Ct Layouts
Ct Layouts
Ct Layouts


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