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TOU- Microferk Designs ~ Studio Miki: PU/Scrap-For-Others-Angel Use

Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in Studio Miki ~ Microferk Designs. If you ever have any comments or questions about my products, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Please take the time to read my terms of use carefully as it contains important information about the proper usage of my elements and designs. 

All images are the product of Michaela Ferkul DBA Microferk Designs, and are protected by United States and International copyright law. This is a legal agreement between you and Michaela Ferkul DBA Microferk Designs. By purchasing and/or accepting for download, graphic products by Microferk Designs, you agree to the terms outlined within this Terms of Use document.

This Terms of Use has been updated to include Angel Use and S4O (Scrap for Others) permissions, and is retroactively applied to any of my products that you have purchased in the past.

All of my products are created at 300ppi and saved as either high resolution jpgs, or as png files in order to preserve transparency. Papers are made 12" by 12", and all elements are trimmed and placed into their own files so that there is no need to *cut* them apart.

You may:
• Use my products for personal use.
• Modify them for use on your personal projects.
• Submit your layouts to online galleries, optimized for web-viewing.
• Submit your layouts/projects to print magazines for publication.

You may not:
• Take credit for the creation of these products or claim them as your own.
• Make copies of these files for reasons other than back-up.
• Sell, share, give or redistribute these files to anyone, whether on physical electronic media (CDs, DVDs, Flash drives) or across the internet (file-sharing groups, email, message forums, FTP and peer-to-peer networks).

Angel Policy/S4O (Scrap for Others):
You are permitted to use these designs under the following conditions:

• This license does not extend to commercial organizations, publishers or for mass reproduction by a manufacturing company.
• This license does not extend to products that you create FOR third-party commercial organizations, publishers or for mass reproduction by a manufacturing company.
• This license is NOT transferable.
• Copyrights to the products are still held by Michaela Ferkul DBA Microferk Designs.
• There is no additional fee for these uses.
• You may back these files up on CDs, DVDs, flash drives or EHDs- for your OWN use. They are not to be shared/given to any other person or entity.

Angel Use Policy:
• Products may be used for digital creations and print creations.
• You may use these designs in your small home-based business, to create projects such as candy wrappers, recipe cards, greeting cards, invitation, jar labels, note cards, gift bags, party sets, calendars, collages, etc.
• Projects using these designs may not be mass-produced or distributed. This license allows for up to 100 copies of one design, per calendar year.
• There is no extra fee for Angel Use.

S4O (Scrap for Others) Policy:
• You may use my products to create custom scrapbook layouts or albums for clients, but not mass production; ie: individual layouts or albums for individual clients are the accepted use.
• You may use my quick page albums, pages, or photocards to create a project for your clients.
• Any/all digital layouts created with my products must either be delivered to your client in a tangible, physical (printed) form, or a flattened jpg file (in cases where the product or delivered electronically via the web, email or DVD).
• There is no extra fee for Scrap-for-Others use.

General Restrictions:
• You may not use my products to create templates for sale.
• You may modify my products (color, size, etc.) but you may NOT claim them as your own.
• My products may not be converted for use as rubber stamps, craft kits, printed scrapbook kits, shapes, templates, tubes or brushes for use with software programs, or redistributed in any way.
• My products may not be used for any "print on demand" purposes (ie: Cafe Press, Etsy,  etc.).
• My products may not be used for electronic greeting card websites.
• My products may not be used for creating other competing products, (ie:scrapbook kits,  quick pages, etc.).
• You may use my products to create your personal website or blog, but you must set up the webpage(s) so that my graphics are not able to be “snagged” or saved by and used by anyone visiting the site.  For this use, proper credit should be given on your web page  “Digital papers and embellishments created by Microferk Designs @ Scrapbookgraphics".. 
• You may not include my products in any free or paid online collections, CDs/DVDs, sold or redistributed in any way including sharing by email, file sharing groups, peer-to-peer networking, chats, etc.

If you are still unsure about the Terms of Use that accompany these products, please email me with your specific questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Credits for the use of my products in your finished projects is always appreciated but certainly never required.

Studio Miki -Microferk Designs will not be held liable for losses or damages that arise from the use of the downloaded material.

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